Prayer Guide

As our church family gears up for a Big Easter, let’s remember this verse: “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord” (Proverbs 21:31, NIV). So, let’s saturate this Big Easter in prayer! Use this prayer guide starting Monday, March 19. Let’s pray in unity and agreement!  


March 19 - Let’s pray our church family takes seriously the challenge of inviting others to our Easter events. Let’s pray that as we interact with people we have courage, focus, and awareness of God’s presence in the conversation.


March 20 - Let’s pray for the acts of kindness our church family will be doing. They will do random acts of kindness and give the “Something Extra” card. Pray this has power as it is done in the name of Jesus.


March 21 - Let’s pray for the invites that are going out to the schools. Let’s pray these kids take the invites home and this simple invite changes their whole family.


March 22 - Let’s pray for those serving at our Easter events. Let’s pray enough people volunteer that it is staffed well. And pray those serving have a great anointing for their tasks. Pray people “Discover the Love of Jesus” through our service.


March 23 - Let’s pray for kids and teens. Let’s pray that this Easter they really get the message of Easter. Pray God uses the candy, rides, and celebration to let them know… “This is a big deal! God loves you!”


March 24 - Let’s pray for those leading. Easter can be a busy time for church leaders. Pray the leaders over different areas of this ministry have clarity, grace, creativity, endurance and passion for God during this season.


March 25 - Pray for the mailer that will be going to people’s homes inviting them to a worship service at Life Springs Church. Pray this mailer gets in the right hands, rather than the trash.


March 26 - Pray for the yard signs we have out. Pray that as people drive by them, it would catch their eye, that they would look up the website and participate in the events.


March 27 - Let’s pray for our sister churches; especially those in Lee and Harnett Counties. We are in this thing together. Pray everyone sees a big harvest this Easter!


March 28 - Pray for our congregation again. That our people will blitz it these final days before Easter. That we will again take it seriously and get the invitations out. Pray for specific people you know that are not in church. That they will accept your invitation.


March 29 - Today is Thursday. Tonight’s service begins the weekend Easter service schedule. Pray over the people who will be serving and working in the services. Pray for the Kids Ministry, Music Ministry, Connect, our pastors, Servant’s Table, The Corner Store, Emergency Response … and everyone else you can think of that is serving. Pray over each service time specifically.


March 30 - Today is “Good Friday.” Thank God for His sacrifice on the cross. Pray today that we and all those we minister to this Easter would give our lives to God as He gave His life for us. That we would let our love for Him show through our total surrender.


March 31 - Pray for all the events happening at the Lee County Fairgrounds today. The worship service, the rides, those serving… Cover this day in prayer. That as our community gathers, worships, takes communion…the presence of God would be felt! And continue praying for the services tomorrow.


April 1 - Today is Easter Sunday! Praise God for the fact He rose from the grave with resurrection power! And pray people everywhere put their hope in that truth!!


Over the next week - Pray that the seeds planted this Easter would come to harvest. Pray those that came, would come back. Pray that Easter 2018 would created spiritual momentum in their lives. Pray we minister to them well.